Have you ever given up a workout because you didn’t feel like going alone? I bet you have. I also bet one of your friends has done the same. Here’s the kicker: You can team up! 👯‍♂️

It’s our natural instinct as human beings to enjoy getting together with friends. As kids and teenagers, our world revolved around them. As adults that doesn’t change… but we don’t always find the time to do so, do we? ⏱️ You can kill two birds with one stone: work out with them.

Having a buddy to work out with is a major plus. They’ll be your biggest motivation to get out of bed and run like Forrest Gump did. 🏃🏼 

First of all, they’ll make you commit. You won’t bail and let them down last minute, will you? You’ll keep your word, even when your comfy sofa is making eyes at you. 👀 While improving your physical appearance and mental attitude, you’ll be spending quality time together.

Getting to know each other deeper. Making your friendship burpee-proof. It’s like going for a beer night out… but in a healthier way. 🍻 Your workout routines won’t get boring. You’ll challenge each other – that little, friendly competition every now and then will be inevitable. You’ll make up new, crazy exercises – some you can’t do on your own.

You’ll share and learn facts, tips and even nice food recipes.

Besides helping yourself, you’ll also be helping them – every one of these advantages they give you, you give them back. You’ll be friends with benefits! 🤣 Oh and one more thing: If you do find someone who you can be fitness friends with, you’ll have someone to take awesome shots of you for Instagram.

Lucky you! 📸 Working out can be fun if you do it right, but it will for sure be fun with a buddy by your side… … and it will be even better if you have a PT join the squad, guide you and take you further.

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