If you have the opportunity to take your workout outside…

No, really. Go for it.

I mean, Mother Nature offers you the best gym for free (isn’t she nice?) and you’re going to decline her amazing gift like that? Nah.

Hear me out:

For starters, when you work out outdoors, you breathe fresh air. It makes a difference, trust me – your lungs will thank you big time.

Plus, the breeze will feel real good when your whole body is all red and hot. You’ll enjoy it so much you’ll even close your eyes… movie style. 😌🎬

Wait, it gets better:

If anyone has ever told you to think outside the box, this is your chance to literally get out of it. Enough of the same old four walls – outdoor training gives you the chance to see different views every day. Meet new places, learn more about the ones you already know, take some impressive pics… 📸😉

Besides new views, you get to see different faces too. 👧🏻🧔🧕🏽👴🏾

Okay, perhaps you are good at making friends and you have some at your gym. That doesn’t mean you’ll stop being friends though. They’ll always be willing to go for a pint on Saturday night 🍻… or, who knows, willing to go work out outdoors with you.

Suggest them to do so! You will have nothing but perks.➡️ Click here to know the benefits of working out with a buddy! ⬅️

When you train outside, people look at you with admiration. You might not notice, but many do. You might even inspire them to follow your steps. Helping you help others, huh?! Go you! 👏🏻

The best part?

Working out outdoors also means you get Vitamin D. ☀️

All of these benefits will boost your mood. You’ll feel vital and alive – less stress, less anger, more energy, more enthusiasm. You’ll start loving the world more. 🌎❤️

After all, it’s Mother Nature we’re talking about here and she obviously doesn’t play games while on duty.

Here’s the bottom line:

You probably spend most of your time inside four walls – home 🏠, work 💻, gym 🏋🏻‍♀️… –, so do yourself a favor and get the hell out!

However, please be aware of the circumstances (the weather, for instance 🌦️) – dress properly, put on sunscreen and drink enough water. Take care.

You are strong enough to leave your comfort zone. Don’t let yourself stick with the “same sh*t, different day” motto.