Do I stop drinking alcohol?

Is drinking bad for you? Yes.

Do you need to stop drinking? No

Is too much drinking bad for you? Yes.

Is it worth completely changing your lifestyle and missing out quality time with friends… just to  stay healthy? Probably not 🙂 Balance is key! We believe that keeping fit shouldn’t change the way you want to live.

Does that mean you can eat pizza, a side of chips and down a few pints every other day and still be healthy? Sadly not 🙂 but having the odd glass of wine or prosecco on the weekend with your meal is not an issue.

Here’s a quick guide to drinking healthy;

  1. Which drinks to buy?

When Rupert Holmes sang Escape he clearly was not thinking about health. Drinks such as Pina Colada or Long Island Ice Tea can contain up to 600 calories making them real no-goes on the keeping fit spectrum. Mojitos or Diet Coke & Rhum are better options to keep you slim and trim.

Light beers are healthier than standard beers and dry red remains the king of the wholesome wines (until you start developing a French accent and comparing Malbecs).

2. Eat before you drink

Before you go out, remember to have a good, hearty meal! Research has shown that alcohol intake stimulates the brain cells that promote eating, and this makes total sense when you consider that you’ve (probably) never ordered a kebab at 2am whilst being completely sober.

3. Say no to binge drinking

Sometimes you do just get that urge to go out and just get smashed. Wasted. Pissed. Floored. Basically, any word used in the imperfect tense can mean over drinking in the right context. We get that. But resisting this impulse can really go a long way to maintaining your figure.
Remember: a healthy intake of alcohol per week for men is about 14 drinks and for women 7 to 8.

4. Drink, drink, drink… Water

Drinking causes dehydration and you’re more likely to binge drink if you’re feeling thirsty. This is why a good rule of thumb is for every drink you take, have a glass of water. Not only will this help reduce your overall consumption but it will also save you from having a hangover the next morning, ready for your next workout.

5. Buy expensive

So you’ve just saved so much money using WeGym over any other PT (#plug) and you’re looking to buy alcohol. Well, a good way to reduce your intake is by buying premium quality booze. Whether it be wine, beer or spirits, buying more expensive will make you appreciate the taste of your drink more, making you drink less!

This should help 🙂

Bonus: Luc’s pro-tips to not drinking on a night out whilst still having fun

I get it. You want to go out, have fun, the social pressure is there to hang with the crowd. You don’t want to be that guy who says “no” when invited to parties or, even worse, not even receiving invites. I’m just going to list out a few ways to appear drunk when completely sober:

  • Before going out, make sure you state to everyone that you’re “not going to drink much”. Only someone who’s going to get drunk would say that. Little do they know, you’re actually going to follow your word. Gottem.
  • Appearance is key: mess up your hair, stain your clothes and only tuck in half your shirt if you’re wearing one. If you want to appear hammered, tie your tie around your forehead à la John McEnroe’s headband. With Wimbledon coming up, this is a real crowd pleaser.
  • When greeting people, use the double finger guns whilst shouting “Wuhhey”. Bonus points if it’s followed by an overly enthusiastic hug.

At the bar, ask for squash and water in a few shot glasses. Make sure that no one’s looking when you’re ordering but everyone’s looking when you’re drinking.

  • You’re going to have to bite the bullet on this one: have a glass of one of our suggested drinks. It’s really hard to act drunk when you’re completely sober and risk getting found out but when you’ve had a glass it’s easier to play the game.
  • Become teetotal. For this one, you actually have to be teetotal. Everyone has a profound respect for people that never drink and is certain to make people hold you in a higher esteem.