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"When I started I couldn't climb two flights of stairs without panting and was eating junk/processed food every day. Now, I’m really happy with the routine I’ve developed. Physical health became a priority and I can confidently say I feel really good thanks to my PT Holly and the WeGym Squad!" 


"Since training with WeGym I have lost 20lbs and it's been the best
investment I have made in years. I spent thousands of pounds at gyms I never attended or used. Amazing experience so far and I'm excited to
keep going!"


"I’ve spent years “dieting” and exercising for the short term to try
and lose fat quickly. This doesn’t work. Training with and being
educated by Cristina has absolutely changed my life. I’ve finally
managed to make a lifestyle change and never felt better."


"These guys are the best! I lost 5 kg in 3 months!

My trainer and the WeGym team were helping me every step of the way.
Couldn't have done it without the help with WeGym!"


"The whole team has been really friendly and welcoming. Great value and I’m really glad I found WeGym to help me instead of guessing how to do it on my own!"


"I have a super hectic schedule and my trainer was super accommodating and flexible.

Really grateful for WeGym helping me achieve my goals in time for the summer!!!!"



I had my first session with Can and I must say he is a fantastic trainer. Can has a positive attitude which empowers you to work out even harder. Very professional coaching and definitely foresee him helping me to achieve my fitness goals for my wedding!


WeGym has been AMAZING for me - I've been doing it for a few months now, working with Oliver who is such a thoughtful, great trainer who has been really helping me to progress. I don't know why I didn't start sooner! The sessions are affordable, convenient (Oliver meets me in the park next to my house!) and it's been hugely positive and worthwhile for me. Big big thank you to you guys for providing such an amazing service 🙂


Since starting with Gary at WeGym around 8 months ago I’ve made tons of progress - going from around 3 push ups on my knees when I first started, to doing over 100 on my toes. And I’m finally starting to see actual muscles for the first time in years - which is a huge achievement for me! I know now what kind of exercises are right for me and how to actually do them correctly and safely. The whole team has been really friendly and welcoming. Great value and I’m really glad I found WeGym to help me instead of guessing how to do it on my own!


My girlfriend and I have been with WeGym for 20 months now. Train with Yuri. We sent from gym training to virtual sessions seamlessly! Tough workouts but we love them!


WeGym guys and girls are super passionate at they do and they really want to take you on a journey with them.
I loved Grant as my PT, his energy and sense of humour helped me though a lot of burpees. I've only managed to do a few months because my work changed to another city and the guys were really helpful in sorting out my cancellation. I will hopefully have a chance to join again in the future.

Renata T

I've really enjoyed the convenience of using WeGym service. My PT Abramo is very professional but friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and listens to my needs. Having him come to the location of my convenience was certainly an added bonus of using WeGym. I would be very happy to work with Abramo in the future.
In addition, WeGym customer service and response level is exceptional.
Highly recommended!

Frequently asked questions

Do I Have to Train in a Gym?

No, while many of our trainers work in a gym, you can also train in your home, in the park, or even at the office

How Long Does a Session Last?

Sessions last up to an hour, however, if you want a shorter and more intense workout that can be arranged.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel a session up to 24 hours in advance, anything after that though will be charged as normal. If you wish to cancel your membership then you can do so after 8 weeks. After that you are free to leave whenever.

Can I Have a Female Trainer?

Yes, it is possible to specify whether you get a male or female trainer, just let us know in advance

What if I'm not Fit Enough?

Don't worry, our trainers are very experienced with training people who haven't exercised since school. They are trained to provide sessions for every fitness level.

How Much Does it Cost?

A single session costs £60, but this price can drop dramatically if you purchase one of our packages or sign up for membership. Check out our pricing options to learn more

Does WeGym Operate in my Area?

WeGym covers all of London

Do I Need my Own Equipment?

No! Any and all equipment that's needed will be provided by the trainer.