Through years of constant media bombardment on how men and women should look, we have been programmed to believe we should ‘ get fit ‘in no time to fit in the standards which the media has setwhereas in reality it is important for people to ‘ become fit’  for their overall health and well-being.

So many weightloss programs are marketed nowadays which promote losing weight in a short time and achieve the perceived ideal body, making many believe that we can go from chubby to chiseled in 12 weeks, by undergoing an unsustainable diet and workout regime to achieve those results. Ultimately one will see some change through these methods  however, they are temporary. It is unlikely that one will keep up with extreme dieting and workouts …

If the food you eat on your diet taste crap you’ll stop eating it

If you find the exercises you’re doing are overwhelming you’ll stop exercising

The way to achieve long-term results is through slow and constant progress. We can relate the moral of the classical tortoise and hare story. I believe becoming fit is about understanding that consistency is key and it’s being comfortable knowing that the journey is endless. It’s always changing, as we change — it’s for life.

🐢 Be the tortoise
In this endless game, the only way to get fit is to become fit — by changing your behaviour not just your body. So how to start?

  • Start with exercising once a week and do that for a month. This is simply about building up momentum and celebrating the baby steps.
  • Then start exercising twice a week for two month
  • You see where this is going…

Really? Once a week? Sounds like a waste of time right?

Despite the stereotypes of what you should do it’s important to realise the stark majority of the population doesn’t even exercise once a week. From personal experience and remember, I’m supposed to be a ‘ fitness guy ’, I’ve been the 🐢 and the 🐰 several times over and whenever I’m not patient in my approach, I end up inconsistent and barely doing anything for months on end.

Nothing has better complemented this approach for me than creating an environment pretty much forces me to stick at it. People have been my secret weapon to forming changing my behaviour.

This road isn’t easy, far from easy at that but have the courage and patience to embrace the way of the 🐢 and live a lifestyle of becoming fit 🙂




DISCLAIMER 🙋: The only exception where being the hare is relevant is when you have a time oriented goal — i.e going on holiday, getting married etc.