As a personal trainer, I often get asked:

Do I need to start taking supplements if I start working out?

To which I answer with another question:

Do you know what supplements are and what they do?If you do know, I’d say:

Sure, why not?

However, it’s not something I personally recommend.

Other trainers in this industry may recommend or/and advertise them…

… but I have two main reasons ✌🏽 for thinking otherwise:

1) They are expensive. 💸

2) You can get it from food. 🥗

For instance:

The amino acid delivery from protein and amino acid supplements is 10 times more expensive than the consumption of a small piece of chicken 🍗 or meat 🍖 which is known to be safer.

Protein supplementation 💊 is a big business, but the body can only use about 1.5-2.0 grams ⚖️ of protein per body weight kg to help build muscle or maintain tissue. All the extra protein is either 1) burned as fuel or 2) stored as fat.


Food doesn’t build muscle. You do, by stimulating it. It’s the hard work in the gym that starts the process.

Good quality food does help resynthesis the muscle tissues damage from exercise, strengthing the body. It also ensures that you don’t end up with excess that your body then stores as fat.

By having a balanced diet that contains natural foods, you’ll be getting more than enough of each nutrient.

For example:Pasta 🍝 contains protein. Fruit 🍎 and veggies 🥦 contain carbs. Eggs 🥚 contain fat.

Easy, nice and cheap food to get, cook and eat! ☝🏽💡

In a nutshell:

Supplements are rarely needed… unless recommended by a doctor 👨‍⚕️ or on restrictive diets (e.g. vegans)!

There is no magic supplements that get you results. You have to get it yourself through consistent hard work, dedication and patience. 💪🏽