The team were supportive and reliable. Good communication with clients. The services and the team were easily accessible.


Brilliant training sessions with Holly!

Jessie G

I have been working online coaching with Joshie and the level of support and success has been incredible, having had bad experiences in the past with unprofessional PTs - I was so impressed with the level of care, expertise, and detail displayed by Joshie and the team. I've lost about 10kg in just over 14 weeks - I cannot believe my pictures!


Neil is an excellent trainer, very professional, friendly and flexible.

Great support with all the process!

Sally M

Great service and great instructors. Really low effort to set up our Zoom fitness classes.


Excellent trainer and service...very happy with the whole process


My girlfriend and I have been with WeGym for 20 months now. Train with Yuri. We sent from gym training to virtual sessions seamlessly! Tough workouts but we love them!


I've been with WeGym for over a year now, I currently train with Neil (Bailey) and he's really supportive and keeps me motivated (which is not an easy task!). I hated going to the gym, mainly because I was very self conscious and also I had no idea how to use most of the equipment! Having a PT who is able to tailor and dedicate 1:1 time with me has been a game changer. I now feel fitter, healthier and stronger than I've ever felt before.

WeGym team are easy to communicate with, Joshie adds a personal touch by sending emails with snappy titles, which always makes me giggle!


Very easy and convenient setup, we've been using for over a year now. We live in an apartment block with a small gym, so it's nice to have someone come to us and train us. Also Zoom sessions since lockdown worked well - PT is very creative with beer bottles, heavy books etc to do lots of exercise! Highly recommend.


I've been using WeGym for about 18 months now. I always hated gyms and preferred exercising outside, so this has been perfect for me. Gary is a great trainer - he changes things up to keep them interesting and is always willing to be flexible if I have to change my appointment (although I try not to!). Even during lockdown, Gary continued offering Zoom sessions, which kept me sane while stuck at home. I'd definitely recommend WeGym!

Stephany P

WeGym offers the best personal training! I’ve been working with Gary for a year and a half now and I haven’t looked back.

If you want a trainer who fits into your busy schedule or one who not only provides different exercises each session (even after a year) but also gives you handy exercises at home to do for your aches and pains then Gary is the best for that!

In addition, Joshie was perfect at the start of my sign up and it’s lovely to see how he continues to make wegym a success. (Thank you for my hoody and top!)

Renata T

I've really enjoyed the convenience of using WeGym service. My PT Abramo is very professional but friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and listens to my needs. Having him come to the location of my convenience was certainly an added bonus of using WeGym. I would be very happy to work with Abramo in the future.

In addition, WeGym customer service and response level is exceptional.

Highly recommended!


I’m really enjoying my wegym sessions. I never really liked the gym.....but Gary has been wonderful, understood where I was at and had helped me build on my strength week on week, and now I’m looking forward to the session and the burn and even the squats. Every session is different and a little harder keeping me interested and motivated...I can feel a real shift in my relationship with working out, and I love it!


I had my first session with Can and I must say he is a fantastic trainer. Can has a positive attitude which empowers you to work out even harder. Very professional coaching and definitely foresee him helping me to achieve my fitness goals for my wedding!


I’ve spent years “dieting” and exercising for the short term to try and loose fat quickly. This doesn’t work. Training with and being educated by Cristina has absolutely changed my life. I’ve lost 1.5 stone overall. 1 stone in the last 12 weeks! I’ve finally managed to make a lifestyle change and never felt better. I’m eating well and being more active whilst actually enjoying it. The most important thing is to change the way you think about food and exercise which Cristina has done so well. She’s also very patient and motivational. Each session is well thought through, satisfying and achievable. Cristina is very knowledgable and I love learning about the technical side of loosing fat too. It’s the best money and time I’ve ever spent so thank you Cristina and WeGym!


I trained with Neil (Bailey) and can't recommend him enough! He helped me with muscle gain, strength training and nutrition. He is really down to earth and has kept me motivated. It has completely changed the way I work out. I would recommend him 100%.

Training with WeGym has been great. Thank you to the whole team!

Nathan M

Wegym helped me lose 10kg, gain confidence and improve my outlook on life and my body.


I loved training with We Gym - boxing with Joshie. The training was fun, while being intense. Joshie provided explanations on everything we were doing, and was also concerned with the out of gym stuff - eating and wellbeing, which was really nice. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!


I was trained by Allan, he was just amazing, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I went from finding long walks difficult to running a 5K ....he achieved this in a few weeks with me....it was unbelievable...I even entered a 5k race at victoria park and didnt come last. I did it in 39mins. amazing achievement. Allan also was very knowledgeable about fitness and taught me alot also gave me nutrition tips and wegym provided a diet plan full of recipes.

best thing i ever did thanks guys

forever grateful


I could not recommend WeGym highly enough. The trainer I was paired with was a perfect match (Thanks Eloise for all your help!). Throughout my time with WeGym the whole team was very supportive and motivating. Thanks for helping me getting my passion for working out back


I was really pleased with the trainer I was matched with. Abs was motivating, encouraging & fun to work with.

Cost of sessions, definitely value for money and would recommend We Gym for beginners to more advanced fitness levels.

Cheers Abs!


Great customer service and excellent quality person trainers. I have learnt so much with them and can say it's one of the best options if you are looking for PTs in London.

Robert A

Since training with wegym I have lost 20lbs and it's been the best investment I have made in years. I spent thousands of pounds at gyms I never attended or used. Amazing experience so far and i'm excited to keep going!


Since starting with Gary at WeGym around 8 months ago I’ve made tons of progress - going from around 3 push ups on my knees when I first started, to doing over 100 on my toes. And I’m finally starting to see actual muscles for the first time in years - which is a huge achievement for me! I know now what kind of exercises are right for me and how to actually do them correctly and safely. The whole team has been really friendly and welcoming. Great value and I’m really glad I found WeGym to help me instead of guessing how to do it on my own!


Wegym guys and girls are super passionate at they do and they really want to take you on a journey with them. I loved Grant as my PT, his energy and sense of humour helped me though a lot of burpees. I've only managed to do a few months because my work changed to another city and the guys were really helpful in sorting out my cancellation. I will hopefully have a chance to join again in the future.


Great sessions and a really motivating coach.

Ellie H

Really motivating and a great variety of exercises, really felt it the next day (in a good way)!


Great PT sessions! Fun, flexible and engaging. Would definitely recommend!


I was going through a hard time and really needed a little help, so I joined WeGym.

My Initial contact was with Joshie CEO, the conversation we had was just like speaking to your best friend or brother. He was friendly, motivated, passionate and caring.

He listened and understood my needs, he spent time talking to me to find out exactly what my goals were and he was honest with what he had in mind. The turnaround time from needs analysis to setting me up with a suitable training program was excellent. This also included nutritional support and advice. I was able to make small changes to my food habits, which were easy to fit into my hectic regime.

Josh made a profile of my needs and requirements, which helped match me up with my PT, Andrea. Since working with him I have made a number of significant changes in my life style, my levels of fitness and wellbeing. I want to thank Josh for keeping me on track even when I wanted to give up and excessively rant, he was there to tell me “No” you cant leave and “We are a Family” when I really wanted to give in. Love you Josh!

Andrea was able to rapidly adapt to my training needs each session. Sometimes I carry a heavy workload being a teacher and a carer for a disabled parent. It’s fair to say I am usually stressed, difficult to motivate and exhausted. Andrea met me while mum was seriously ill in hospital. He was able to build a positive rapport with his polite and calming manner. Andrea trained me in a hospital car park. I have very little time and could not find a suitable location. So I suggested we train close to where my mum has her dialysis. Andrea was able to make the best use of the location. He created a running track where there was none and exercise ‘stations’ to help support my workout. He built my confidence up through training and using diverse strength and agility building activities.

Andrea was exceptional at motivating me to move towards my goals. He was kind and considerate and made training fun. He allowed me to be myself. He was able to measure my mood and co-ordinate each and every activity to help me build a positive state of mind. This mindful and emotionally balancing practice helped get me through difficult circumstances. Andrea has encouraged and taught a combination of useful techniques that I can now do independently. As he is an experienced martial artist he was able to combine this with Interval Training to provide a holistic approach to my fitness training. He offers a compassionate and enthusiastic approach in his professional training methodology.

Mathilde G

Fantastic Class ! My PT was a good listener and very helpful. The class were fun and well structured and personalized. I did not the time going by but my muscle did ! Highly recommended.

Mathilde G

Fantastic service. My PT was a good listener, set up fun exercise and I could not see the time going by but my muscle did :-). Really enjoy the class and the quality of the service.


Cristina has been an absolute gem. She’s changed the way I think about exercise and food. A year ago, I never would have considered that I could be so fit and healthy without setting foot in a gym. I’ve lost almost 10kg since training with Cristina without feeling like I’ve been depriving myself of anything. With her help, encouragement and advice I’ve made sustainable changes to my lifestyle and feel confident that I can stay fit and healthy. I’ve had the best time being part of WeGym - the prices are reasonable and the service is second to none.


Loved having my WeGym trainer and sessions. He went above and beyond what I expected and really helped me make the progress I wanted!


Awesome service and really helped me get back on track with my fitness goals. Josh is super approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend to anyone.


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with WeGym. I had specific weight and fitness goals I wanted to achieve and was able to get a trainer who understood what I needed and helped me achieve it. Raymond has been a fantastic trainer, he has not just provided me with expertise during my training sessions but provided me with tools, tips and instructions that I can use outside the sessions. The experience has been excellent, the flexibility to arrange training sessions close to where I live and in line with my schedule has made getting fit an achievable goal. I would highly recommend Raymond and WeGym.


I really enjoyed a series of HiiT classes with WeGym. It was my first time trying it and I definitely felt the effects in the days after. Will definitely carry on with it.


Never done HIIT before, it was intense yet friendly. Just what I needed as a newbie.

Alice J

We Gym has been AMAZING for me - I've been doing it for a few months now, working with Oliver who is such a thoughtful, great trainer who has been really helping me to progress. I don't know why I didn't start sooner! The sessions are affordable, convenient (Oliver meets me in the park next to my house!) and it's been hugely positive and worthwhile for me. Big big thank you to you guys for providing such an amazing service 🙂


Highly recommend Eloise! It was really convenient meeting her during lunchtime and she came up with multiple variants of exercises for our group. Workout was enjoyable to follow but also challenging.


Eloise was great, super friendly and a fantastic PT. There was always a good variety in the workout. I would highly recommend WeGym.