Do I look fat in this?

It’s happened to all of us before. You get a letter in the post, swanky font, swanky card. It’s a wedding invite for next month. You’re excited until you realise you might not actually be able to fit in your fave dress anymore. Uh-oh. So, how do you drop a dress size?

 Firstly, how do we define a dress size? Janet says its 10 pounds, Mary disagrees and says 3. For the purpose of the wisdom we are about to send you, let’s say it’s anywhere in between these two figures.

Keep your exercises Dynamic

1. When was the last time you did good cardio. Cba right? Even if you have done some is it the same boring 30 min run on the treadmill at the gym? Tut-tut. Switching up your exercise with movements like squats, should help to keep those extra vital pounds off. Dynamic exercises at a high intensity but short period are much better for dropping that all-important dress size.  Instead of running on a treadmill at a steady pace, try something different like boxercise. Boxercise is an excellent way to to have fun, build back and shoulder strength and most importantly lose fat. A class or two a week should do the trick. If you feel intimidated by this information perhaps you could use one of our great Personal Trainers at, where you’ll receive a bespoke plan to help you move down that dress size.

Calling all Hackney residents  

How about heading out to London Fields park? There are great facilities there to help you in shedding those pounds. Being out in the fresh air should reinvigorate you, take your mind off those hipsters who just moved in (they’re not that bad really). How about London Fields Lido for a great swimming session that will get your heart pumping? P.s if you don’t know these places, you ain’t from Hackney.

I’m on a seafood diet… I see food, I eat it 

2. Diet,diet,diet. We’re sure you’ve heard of the importance of a good diet to losing weight and ultimately dropping a dress size, but what does that mean? Keeping track of the amount of calories you consume can really help you. Aim for 1000-1250 calories a week. The kind of foods you should be eating is important. So sis, you know what that means; put down the maccyd’s and pick up some veggies. Anything green will keep you lean. Try adding a few veggies to your lunch and dinner. Reduce the amount of salt you consume, the optimum is 1500-2300mg. Next time you’re on Morning Lane and pop in to the Tesco, maybe peer at the back of the packaging and check the food content. Also, do you really need the slush from Hackney Empire? It’s so overpriced anyway.

Give a hoot about sleep 

3. Are you a night owl sacrificing sleep? Studies show catching 7-9hrs of the zzzs can prevent hunger-increasing hormones from regularly occurring and consistent poor sleep (less than six hours) increases the amount of fat your body needs and produces. Wow. That’s a bit of a mouthful but it is important info. Instagram can wait for another day, your dms will still be there tomorrow. Get your sleep and benefit by feeling fresh and fitting into that new dress.

It’s Lit 

4. Got the club going up on a Tuesday? Alcohol consumption negatively impacts weight loss. Whether it’s beer which can contain anywhere between 60-200 calories or wine which can contain 100-130 calories. Yikes. This can be made worse with the amount you drink as well. If you think you’re the life of the party because you binge beer, that’s potentially 700 calories. This will most likely impact your ability to lose weight. So think twice before agreeing to go to Pub on the Park.