Is The Pursuit of Work-life Balance Realistic ? 

These are my thoughts about being a young entrepreneur and the challenges you face trying to maintain a social life when building a business. We often hear about pursuing work life balance…As I write this at 8pm on a Friday night…

Friday Night — Empty Office ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

… To be frank — I think the pursuit of balance is bullsh**t.

I think the word ‘balance’ is a problem…. balance insinuates we should create a great dividing line between our personal and professional life. Work-life balance firstly isn’t measured by the hours you work or the percentage of time you devote to your ‘ personal life’ but it’s dependant on whether your work drains or energises you.

I love my work and I feel a great sense of purpose and nobility about what we do and get excited thinking about the impact we can have. Maybe I’m a sucker for philosophy but we’re modern day heroes (Batman all the way) standing up to the status quo and fighting for what we believe in the world.

This is why I’m really comfortable with the idea that my work to life balance is far from 50 / 50 and more 75 / 25 if that! Some people call this workaholism and I think it’s Ludacris — my work energises me and makes me a better person.

I don’t believe you should neglect your social, physical or mental health however I do believe we should strive to design a lifestyle which caters for both the unbelievably demanding efforts of building a business whilst also preventing your business from consuming and being the only thing in your life. I would say my social paradigm has suffered the most as you can easily end up neglecting friends. Oh the many Whatsapp messages I’ve missed and the amount of times I’ve said sorry. Frankly I’ve even lost friends and been a little lonely at times but the saving grace for me has been connecting with other likeminded young entrepreneurs also learning to navigating this path.

It’s all about finding your tribe ❤

So are you saying I can have both?
Yes. As long as you’re comfortable knowing these two paradigms won’t be a 50 / 50 split and frankly if you love what you do, you simply won’t want that. When I unwind and have a little Joshy time I just do the nonsensically stuff I enjoy which makes me feel happy.

I’ve never been a runner and as a gym going cardio hating kinda guy it’s still a little bit strange! I’ll be doing my first half marathon in December as after start I’ve secretly fallen in love.Ok, now this is a cheeky one as It’s an ex’s subscription 🙂 I really enjoy binging on a Netflix series ( POWER 👻) whilst raving some Sainsbury’s white chocolate cookies.

Friends – My tribe of friends who are on this journey with me are also pretty good dancers, Fifa players and love a good milkshake here and there!

Work or life. For me it’s all a smorgasbord of highs, lows and overall enjoy! You need to ask yourself — does my work energise me? Does my work matter?

I forgot to mention who I am — I’ll set the scene. I’m 23 and CEO at WeGymwe’re an early stage tech startup on a mission to make fitness for everyone, not just the rich. We exist to make personal training both affordable & intimidation free by sharing the cost and benefits in small groups of 2 to 3. You can bring your pal to work out with you  or we will link you up with a likeminded person! #squadgoals. You can follow our journey here

So next time a conversation comes up about whether you work too much — ask yourself and the person asking. ‘ Does my work energise me? ‘


Lots of Love 😘