One on One Personal Training ⚡️

Meet your coach with a cheeky intro and be your best 🙂

Have you hit a plateau, do you have a special date in your diary or are you aware of specific weaknesses you want to improve?

Our Personal Trainers are here to take you to that next level. WeGym Personalised does exactly what it says on the tin. This is training unique to YOU. Your goals, your nutrition, your diary, your training plan & your results.

With the tailor-made WeGym Personalised approach and your hard work, you will create the best possible version of YOU.

We pride ourselves in providing in offering sustainable habit forming results – we’re into the 12 weeks before and after but we’ll help you change your habits, lifestyle and life – it’s a non-intimidating environment free from inflated muscles and egos.

With your first session free and great options for memberships and packages, there’s a plan to suit every budget.

We have a team of coaches and personal trainers who we’ve vetted, handpicked and taught the wegym way – from the thousands in London who’ve reached out to us. 

We believe you should be able to make personal training part of your lifestyle and fitness can more than dropping a dress size but you’re learning how to train, eat and make fitness really work for your lifestyle.

Your assigned personal trainer will also help you with getting your nutrition back on track and altering any other areas of your lifestyle to help you look and feel the best you can – remember you can’t out-train your diet 🙂

We have package and memberships which are available on our pricing page – you can click here. 


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