Personal Training Services

We offer a range of personal training services to help you achieve your goal.


One to One PT

Personal training sessions where it’s you and your trainer for an hour – every tweak, adjustment and step is very personalised and focused on helping you achieve your goal!


Online Personal Training

This is our most affordable option and is probably suited for those who are happy to workout at home or already have a gym membership. 

You will check in with your trainer weekly and be given a personalised nutriton and training plan.


Small Group PT

This is a best of both worlds – Personal and affordable!
It’s like a class but small enough for you to receive personal attention from your trainer and you’re sharing the cost so you’re not breaking the bank – some people call this small group training!

You will need to invite 1 – 2 people to set this up so best starting with a one to one 🙂

Ready to Make a Change?

Our expert team is here to help you every step of the way so hit us up!