Personal Trainer in Upton Park.

Whatever your goal is, burn fat, build muscle build confidence, and feel healthier or just look better in your clothes we will match you with the perfect personal trainer for you.

Why Choose WeGym?

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Easy to Use System

Our booking system is unmatched in the personal training world. With an easy to use interface.

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Top Quality Trainers

We offer a hand-picked selection of quality personal trainers who specialise in delivering results fast.

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Excellent Results

Our reputation, and that of our trainers is based solely on how good our results are. Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, or improve your health.

Your Pathway To Success

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1. Find Your Match

Book your free phone consultation to find your perfect match

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2. Try it Out

No need to pay anything until you've tried it out. We offer a free trial so that you can get to know your trainer

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3. Follow Our Blueprint

Our trainers will create a blueprint for success, that you follow in your sessions and outside the gym

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4. Enjoy the Results

At WeGym, we teach you how to reach your goals and then progress even further

Success Stories

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personal trainer upton park

"When I started I couldn't climb two flights of stairs without panting and was eating junk/processed food every day. Now, I’m really happy with the routine I’ve developed. Physical health became a priority and I can confidently say I feel really good thanks to my PT Holly and the WeGym Squad!" 

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personal trainer upton park

"Since training with WeGym I have lost 20lbs and it's been the best
investment I have made in years. I spent thousands of pounds at gyms I never attended or used. Amazing experience so far and I'm excited to
keep going!"

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personal trainer upton park

"I’ve spent years “dieting” and exercising for the short term to try
and lose fat quickly. This doesn’t work. Training with and being
educated by Cristina has absolutely changed my life. I’ve finally
managed to make a lifestyle change and never felt better."

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personal trainer upton park

"The whole team has been really friendly and welcoming. Great value and I’m really glad I found WeGym to help me instead of guessing how to do it on my own!"

meet some of the team

The experts that will help you achieve your goals

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Can B

Can is a passionate, highly motivated, results-oriented individual who became a PT because he wanted to help people to reach their fitness goals. He enjoys being helpful as he believes fitness can truly transform your life.

He's an athlete with the following career highlights: Pro Swimmer: 1996-1998 - Semi-Pro Basketball Player: 2000-2005, Fitness Functional Training: 2009 and Muay Thai Kickboxing since 2016.

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Keji 'fire' k

Keji has obsessively been into health

and fitness for over 7 years. She started off focussing on cardio! cardio! cardio!

But now her passion is for weight training, strength and conditioning, HIIT and also the mental health benefits of healthy living. She especially loves group fitness and challenges and has done Tough Mudder 3 times and counting.

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andrea t

Andrea was born with the fitness gene, she has been an athlete for the most part of her life and her true passion has always been health and fitness. She started at the age of 6 when used to do a lot of competitive running and was also a skilled volleyball player for the school team. She switched to Miss Figure and Fitness competitions later and won a lot of trophies and appeared in numerous Fitness publications.

Book a free taster session today to find the perfect personal trainer In Upton Park for you.

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Walking in to the gym can be an intimidating experience...

Lots of people exercising, chatting, dropping weights. Music blasting. An array of machines with zero instructions next to them. Where do you go? What machine do you start on?

It's enough to scare off most people.

But what if you could train with someone? A qualified personal trainer. Someone who can show you how to make the most from your membership.

Finding a good trainer can transform your gym experience within a matter of minutes.

Finding a good trainer in Upton Park can be quite challenging, how do you know that the trainer you are investing in is worth the money?

Here's where WeGym comes in. We:

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Connect you with some of the top personal trainers in London

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Make the booking and payment process as easy as possible

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Keep you motivated and supported throughout your training experience

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Get you results that will last a lifetime

Types of workouts

Choose how you work out

As seen in

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sh*t… you’re still here?

So… are you in or is this going to get awkward really quickly? C’mon deary… no excuses now – let’s do this!