Personal Trainer Prices

You’ll be shocked by how affordable we actually are, why you ask?  It’s because more boys and girls like you deserve to be sweaty and we’re working our asses off to create more accessibility 🙊


Click on the ‘ click here’ Link to access the purchase page
Packages auto-renew monthly – no contract, cancel anytime.

4 SESSIONS A MONTH: £47 Per Session –> Click here
8 SESSIONS A MONTH: £46 Per Session–> Click here
12 SESSIONS A MONTH: £45 Per Session–> Click here



Click on the ‘ click here’ Link to access the purchase page
All session credits expire 3 months from purchase date

SINGLE SESSIONS: £50 —> Click here
 £49 Per Session–> Click here
20 SESSIONS PACKAGE: £48 Per Session–> Click here

First Steps

Free Taster Session

If you want to figure out if WeGym is for you then book yourself in for an Introduction sessiaon. This is a mixture of a consultation, fitness test and workout and how most people get started with us.

Everyone deserves a trainer – so we’re changing the game.

PackagePersonal Trainer cost - London Average WeGym
One Session a week - per Month £280 £188
Two Sessions a week - per Month £520 £368
Three Sessions a week - per Month £720 £540

Ready to buy?

After you’ve had you’re free introduction you can purchase sessions using the link below.