Personal Trainer Jobs

This will probably be the freshest personal training gig you’ve ever had! We’re the new kids on the block who think differently and by differently, we mean better.


Trainer: Bazilio aka Baz

This is the story of one of our trainers. From when he was new and nervous about personal training but since joining he’s gone from zero to hero and if you stick around this can be you too!

The Mission

We’re committed to helping trainers do what they love.

We believe trainers deserve a better chance to make a profit from there passion.We know it’s hard as a trainer with all the 5 am wake up calls, last minute cancellations and late nights crafting motivational messages… which is why we’re building this PT community.

The Vibe

We are committed to providing an environment for highly motivated personal trainers to grow and develop whilst providing first class service to our clients. We look for loyal, hard-working and reliable personal trainers to join our community.

Why our trainers love us

“We would rather work with a handful of trainers and make them really successful than have tons of trainers on the books.”

Joshua Uwadiae

Founder, WeGym.

What’s on Offer

  • Discounts on further education from our partners!
  • Great rates of pay and a regular supply of local clients.
  • Flexible work to suit your schedule and other commitments.
  • An amazing culture where we work and play hard as a squad!

What we expect

  • To be a Qualified L3 PT ( lool, we’ve had some funny applications )
  • You to rep the brand, love our client fam and embrace our values!
  • To be a giver – we want to hear your opinions and ideas.
  • You to buy a round when we go out for mocktails and cocktails.

Soo… you joining this badass team or what.

If you want to join one of the coolest personal training squad’s in London – where it’s more than just making cash. We’re a bunch of friends helping each other improve ( we’re super imperfect ) as trainers. If you care about these values then we’re probably right for you!