When lifting weights it is important to consider your individual morphological type.

Especially when performing deadlifts and squats! 🏋🏼🏋🏽‍♀️

We consider two body types in this matter:

  • short limbed
  • long limbed

A short limbed person is someone with a proportionately longer torso and shorter limbs, whereas a long-limbed person has a shorter torso and longer extremities.

(⚠️ Be careful: these two body types have nothing to do with waistline, muscular development or body fat, as a person can be short and long limbed or tall, slim and short limbed!)

Short limbed people will be more adept at performing a squat, as the shortness of the femur (bone in the thigh) results in a little tilt when squatting, putting less stress on lower back and hamstring muscles.

On the other hand:

Long limbed people will have more difficulty performing a proper squat. The length of their femur will cause the torso to lean forward dramatically, placing a dangerous amount of stress on the hamstring muscles, the adductor magnus and the gracilis.

However, it’s not all bad news! 📰

Long limbed people can still learn to perform a very good squat…

… but they will need to concentrate a great deal on their positioning and maintaining a straight back.


Bazilio Ochen, WeGym’s PT