Keji has obsessively been into health

and fitness for over 7 years. She started off focussing on cardio! cardio! cardio!

But now her passion is for weight training, strength and conditioning, HIIT and also the mental health benefits of healthy living. She especially loves group fitness and challenges and has done Tough Mudder 3 times and counting.

Keji may look petite and innocent but she is a hard nut. She will always push you to do more than you think you can. Keji is a great listener and will listen to your excuses for a little while but she has an answer for all of them, only because she really wants you to get over your mental barriers so you can
feel and look great too!

That's Keji’s joy. She is all about helping you build confidence, helping you to find your inner 'Strong Man/Woman' enhancing the assets on your body you love and enhancing those parts that you don't see as assets.


2 years


Level 3 personal trainer

Training Style:

Incorporating HIIT, Core & strength conditioning and weight training. Keji is also qualified to give advice on healthy eating and nutrition.


Other than being in the gym, Keji enjoys running, eating and dancing!


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