What do you do when there is too much going on in your life?
How can you trick yourself to find time to exercise when you are already busy?

I often find myself falling out of a good routine because it’s really hard to keep exercise as a priority when life gets hard. Stress,  relationship drama – really do a great job at kicking your motivation to workout where it hurts!

In the spirit of keeping it short, sweet and punchy 😉
Here is one of my top tips for keeping yourself moving. It gets better… you don’t even have to change clothes!

Go on More Dates

Sounds Silly? Hear me out. I’ll set the scene 🙂

It’s date night and you’re looking good! Here’s your first chance to get your blood pumping. How about hopping out of your Uber a few minutes walk from the venue? You can mix it up with a romantic walk and rack up a few hundred steps 🙂

After all, exercise is a natural aphrodisiac 😏

Not many dates in the pipeline? No worries… I’ve got you covered!
Get off the train a few stops earlier and walking an extra five minutes home. In a month you’ll rack up tens of thousands of extra steps!

This might sound silly but getting a few more steps in each day is a great way to contribute to a healthy lifestyle when you just can’t seem to keep up with your goals.

You might be thinking….

BUT…. walking won’t help me achieve my goal!!!

Walking alone won’t help you drop a dress size or fit into that slim fit shirt…
What all this extra walking will do is start a process I call an upward spiral. It’s a micro step.

Like any good spiral – you’ll naturally perform related actions whether positive or negative. It’s a drop in the iceberg and simply the start of a wider set of steps to help you on the journey- but the more micro steps you can take the more conscious you’ll become of what you eat and how often you move.

One of the most valuable things you can do is start an upwards spiral. Never despise the smaller insignificant contributing factors that in the long run will play a really big part in helping us be healthier, leaner and happier 🙂

I hope this is helpful! Please let me know! Leave a comment if you have any comments or questions 🙂