The Start

They do lots of amazing things within Hackney… one of which is the Bootstrap , which is a business providing aspiring entrepreneurs with office space, mentoring and the opportunity to access grant funding, not to mention the fantastic Urban MBA course.

This was the Start to WeGym, following the Enterprise course, startups have the chance to pitch for funding…  you guessed it WeGym got it.  😍

The Run

A 5km/ 10km fun run was held to raise funding for Bootstrap enterprise cause which I took part in.  – As you run your feet become heavier and heavier, increasing the temptation to stop, walk & quit. As someone who’s dabbled into running but never really found his feet ( I ❤ weights 🏋 ) it’s always been mentally challenging to simply get up and run for enjoyment.

I can proudly say I did the full 10km — however, the way I went about it almost feels like a bit of a ‘ hack ‘ as having a running buddy made it fun and I’m not a runner.I found two running buddies to help me get through! My first buddy who I had recently befriended through the pre-run banter made the first 5k a breeze, nothing distracts you like a good conversation!

The 10k was optional and we were set on only doing 5, until after finishing the first 5k and stopping for 10k seconds to celebrate… we spotted a friend running on past us shouting ‘ I’m going for 10′ . I was inspired and said to myself there is no way I am stopping here and pushed on slowly but surely and did the last 5!

Whether it’s a gym or running buddy … any form of fitness is definitely better together than alone! There is an African proverb which supports this, it goes :

” If You Want To Go Fast Go Alone, If You Want To Go Far, Go Together” 

I’m keen to do more running and fitness this year.🏃🏃

If you believe in achieving your fitness goals with a buddy, a motivator and a friend, come to us. You can bring your friend or we will team you up with a like-minded person to reach your goals in a fun and affordable way, because we believe we can do ‘Better Together’ 

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