Why Goals Suck

Pressure creates both suffering and success. I learned this through our last month since changing direction. We’re starting from the bottom — same values and beliefs only with a new shiny product. I set myself a goal 🙂 I wanted to learn really quickly whether people cared about the new wegym… the only way to do it was to go from zero to hero.

From nothing to something in 30 days…

So what was my goal? To go from no customers, no sessions to generating revenue whilst doing something that delights people and they love enough to tell their friends about!

So I did what every silly person does, I immediately told all of my friends and to sweeten the suffering I put on myself — I decided to email our mentors, advisors and investors loudly about our plan!

The pressure was on…

The infamous email 💌

I became really anxious 😰

Internally I became scared of failing and coming short. Potential scenarios ran through my mind of what might happen….

  • I’ll be embarrassed.
  • I’ll fall short without coming close and look stupid 😦
  • I’ll lose all credibility and nobody will believe me again… ever!

I didn’t know how I would achieve my goal but I “kinda” had a plan and I what I needed to do. As my pal James from Sanctus always says “ a plan is better than no plan” In my head… it all sounded simple (it always does)

‘ if I have X customers who do X sessions then wallah! ‘ 

Well it wasn’t and after a few setbacks and mini panic attacks I put my head down and the pressure began to fuel my creativity… it lead me to think outside of the box, try new things, start asking for help and focus on the important stuff!

This is why goals suck…

  • Goals make you focus.
  • Goals make you scared.
  • Goals make you accountable.
  • Goals make you responsible for the outcome.

Goals suck… really suck!

However we desperately need them if we want to feel, look and be better 🙂

You need a Squad 👯

What made my goal different from any other time I had whispered something ambitions to myself? I told people…

Not just anyone… but

  • People who would support me.
  • People on the same journey as me.
  • People who would make me accountable.

When your against your goals and trying make stuff happen… It’s better together – Frankly we’re better together .

It’s hard alone. Staying motivated through the high’s and lows is a challenging feat, so doing it with other people gives us a better chance of succeeding and enjoy the difficult process of improving yourself 🙂Without a doubt whether your trying to drink less wine, drink more water, drop a dress size or start prioritising exercise. You have a better chance with some buddies helping you push forward 🙂

Next time you set yourself a goal. Turn to a friend. Turn to a mentor. Heck you can even turn (email below) and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of making it happen!

Why don’t you Join our SQUAAAAD?

Lots of Love
Josh x