Frequently asked questions

Do I Have to Train in a Gym?

No, while many of our trainers work in a gym, you can also train in your home, in the park, or even at the office

How Long Does a Session Last?

Sessions last up to an hour, however, if you want a shorter and more intense workout that can be arranged.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Our cancellation policy is super simple – we have a 35 day billing notice period for cancellations of memberships – so requesting to cancel your membership will require one final payment.

Can I Have a Female Trainer?

Yes, it is possible to specify whether you get a male or female trainer, just let us know in advance

What if I'm not Fit Enough?

Don't worry, our trainers are very experienced with training people who haven't exercised since school. They are trained to provide sessions for every fitness level.

How Much Does it Cost?

A single session costs £60, but this price can drop dramatically if you purchase one of our packages or sign up for membership. Check out our pricing options to learn more

Does WeGym Operate in my Area?

WeGym Covers all of London - if you're not sure that we cover your area please send us a message or give us a call 🙂

What is a Senior Trainer?

All of our Senior Trainers are certified personal trainers who have gone through WeGym's rigorous assessments and interviews ensuring you're working with the best trainers in London!

What is a Master Trainer?

Our Master Trainers are the best of the best! They have years of experience in the industry and plenty of additional qualifications. Whatever your goal they will be able to help.

Ready to Make a Change?

You can keep procrastinating and asking us questions or you could grab your gains with your bare hands and change your life with the help of our personal training squad.