Easy Way To Eat Clean

It is a known fact that to lead a healthy lifestyle one must exercise  and watch what is food we intake.  To learn more about Nutrition  we’ve teamed up with Valérie from ProToGo ❤️

She’s going to be talking about how living an active lifestyle is easier than you think. Eating clean ( excluding the occasional, irresistible Sainsbury’s cookie 🙄 ) is more than living off flavourless celery – it’s a lifestyle.

Your new year new me hype is probably already starting to fade, so before you start beating yourself up about why your super ambitious health plans haven’t materialised yet… sit down, make some tea and enjoy these facts.

Over to you val ✌️

Hey there!

January’s over. Resolutions goals on pause till the new year?

No biggie, that’s where resolutions are for, right? But with summer around the corner you might wonder why you didn’t keep up with it? Why is it that so many amongst us do not ‘succeed’ or keep up with our health and fitness aspirations?

Josh from WeGym will talk you through the exercise-part of the story, but here’s some information on the nutrition-part of it… Or in other words…. #eeeeats.

1. Social media: a love-hate relationship
Social media, especially Instagram… can be a double edged sword. Inspiring and motivational for die-hard fitness people – but for normal people like you and me, it can often be very intimidating.
Seeing all those people working out every single day, eating chicken with broccoli and mountains of whey-powder. This more often breeds anxiety than helps you towards your goal.
That’s why you have to decide for yourself: do I want to be one of them, or do I have my own goals that fit in my very own life? Probably you’ll go for the latter (good choice btw) and that will change your perspective a lot.

2. Are you a hustler?
Probably, you’re profile is a normal human being that wants to get fitter, maybe lose some weight or build some muscle, whilst juggling a busy work schedule. On top of that, you’re also social and want to go out for a drink sometimes. If you compare that to a fitness-guru profile, you guys are far away from each other. Stop comparing yourself with them and become your very own guru: a guru in a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Easier said than done? Not at all, especially when it comes to food and nutrition.

3. Eating healthy doesn’t mean lettuce!
So here’s the thing: you do not have to live like a rabbit. Of course you need to eat your greens and veggies to get in your vitamins, but too many people relate weight loss with salads. Like it is the only healthy option out there. What often happens is that you don’t feel filled up afterwards, especially when you buy salads from supermarkets or the typical chains. The food lacks nutrients and ends up leaving you unfulfilled ) You get hangry (hungry meets angry), feel tired and annoyed and here you are; you get demotivated. Now how can we solve this?

4. Beat the hunger
We can beat this very easily by looking into satisfaction. There are different macro-nutrients in our diet and each of them has a different function and effect. We need them all to stay healthy, but we can focus on certain ones depending on our goals and lifestyle. For example, if you’re an athlete, you need to focus on carbs and proteins. If you’re a model, you need to focus on proteins and (good) fats. Back to the hunger-aspect, protein is a macro-nutrient that has a very satisfying effect: it keeps you fuller for longer. So drop those lousy salads, and opt for a protein packed option.

5. So chicken, broccoli and whey-powder then?
Not at all! Again, this depends on your goals. If you aspire to become a bodybuilder, stock up that fridge with 20 chickens I would say. But if you’re the profile we described earlier there is no need for you to stuff your bowel with whey-powder. What’s Important is that the step towards eating healthy doesn’t feel like a horrible punishment. Food should be something enjoyable. something to look forward to. That’s why at ProToGo for example, we created a high protein Mac ’n cheese, healthy chicken nuggets and much more. You’re actually enjoying food with better nutritional values as a Pret-salad, much better taste too, and no hungry feelings afterwards!

6. Protein & Prosecco
One of our favourite sentences here at ProToGo is ‘Protein & Prosecco’. Remember, you’re a normal kind of person. You hustle hard so you deserve a drink now and then. And yes, you can also have a burger on the side, even with some fries on the other side. If you want to sustain your healthy lifestyle, you have to accept that you’re just human and you’ll be around here for still quite some time. That time can be insanely boring without those little treats, so you better enjoy them.

Feeling confident about your new approach to food? Next step is exercising, so head over to Josh’s post on our ProToGo-blog to read how freekin’ easy it is to work out!

Val x
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