Food 🍲

A balanced diet consisting of good quality nutrients eaten regularly helps the body function better…

… which is the goal 🥅 of any diet plan, as it allows you to make the most out of your training programme!

🙋🏽‍♂️ A calorie deficit or surplus of 200-500 calories* (energy from food) is enough, if repeated consistently, to either lose or gain weight.

* 200-500 calories can be roughly the size of a meal.

Patience is the key 🔐 in reaping the rewards of a new plan, as you either have to:

🅰️ consistently stimulate muscle while adhering to good nutritional habits to help muscle grow, or

🅱️ consistently use fat as fuel during workouts to lose body fat over a period of time.

The main point is trying to eat well day in and day out to let your body absorb the nutrients it needs to:

1⃣ recover from training,

2⃣ prepare for training, or

3⃣ maintain good training intensity.

➡️ Click here for good food tips for your body! ⬅️


Training 🏋🏾

When it comes to training, mastery is what gets you results.

Impatience leads to injury, poor results and general lack of consistency. 👎🏽

Here’s an advice:

Perfect each exercise – your form, control and confidence on movements – before moving on!

Remember always: patience is key!

It may take one person a week to master a 40kg deadlift, while it may take another person 3 months. Every body is different and everyone works at different paces and get results at different rates. Certain body types are more adapted to certain exercises/movements than others.

Don’t worry! Take your time and work at each exercise till you slay it 💃🏽…

… because then you’ll be able to get sustainable results more easily than those who rush results. 😉


Lifestyle 👟

All of the above won’t be possible without 3 important things:

  • 💤 Rest
    Get enough rest to allow your body to recover from training – physically and mentally!
    Don’t train super hard for a week and rest for a month. Keep the pace consistent. Progress is a slow process.
  • ⏱️ Manage time
    Your body is a temple, am I right? Dedicate time to it to ensure it’s physically and mentally healthy.
    Manage your time well and do a bit of extra “homework” (stretches, light cardio, meal prepping…) and the results will speak for themselves.
  • 😁 Smile
    Have fun, enjoy, make the most of it! It’s a journey – you will have ups and downs. You’re only human.


WeGym is here to help you! 🙏🏽