Can B

Can is a passionate, highly motivated, results-oriented individual who became a PT because he wanted to help people to reach their fitness goals. He enjoys being helpful as he believes fitness can truly transform your life.

He's an athlete with the following career highlights: Pro Swimmer: 1996-1998 - Semi-Pro Basketball Player: 2000-2005, Fitness Functional Training: 2009 and Muay Thai Kickboxing since 2016.

Can is emphatic and views his work as his passion and mission in life. His bubbly personality, his smile with a mixed of long career in sport and fitness are the result of him being fantastic at driving client transformations and he's hoping you'll be his next one!

If he wasn't a trainer he'd be a…

International Trader

His training style is

Circuit, Functional, Pad Work (Depending on your goal)

You wouldn't know that he…

Loves healthy shakes, guilty cocktails and swim under the rain.

His biggest release is…

Can always tries to see positivity behind the negativity; if that doesn't work of course a long good training session will change his day.

Why Can is the right Trainer for you?

Can is a very disciplined, motivated and dedicated personal trainer with a passion for improving your health and helping you to achieve your goals. He delivers high-energy training using traditional exercises with proven by science combining them with latest generation techniques of strength & condition, functional training, HIIT & Circuit training. If you are also looking to learn boxing and kickboxing, he is the right person with Pad Holder Certificated completed in Phuket Top Team, one of the best Fighting club in Phuket, Thailand. Besides, if you are an athlete trying to improve your power, strength, speed and agility his fighting training background will bring on the right training for you on top of the fitness game.


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