Andrea was born with the fitness gene, she has been an athlete for the most part of her life and her true passion has always been health and fitness. She started at the age of 6 when used to do a lot of competitive running and was also a skilled volleyball player for the school team. She switched to Miss Figure and Fitness competitions later and won a lot of trophies and appeared in numerous Fitness publications

Andrea has a Bachelor’s Degree in PE and Biology and a Sports Coaching Diploma as well as 15 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer with countless certifications.

She has recently relocated back to the UK after having spent the last almost 10 years oversees (in Dubai), where she had a very successful and busy mobile PT business. She loved teaching outdoors, at homes, in parks and on the beach, not only individual sessions, but bootcamps/kettlebell classes, etc… She’s a very disciplined, conscientious, hard-working, reliable and trustworthy person with great timekeeping and organisational skills as well as pays attention to detail, but always with a smile on her face and caring attitude.

If she wasn't a trainer she'd be…

A psychologist

Her training style is…

You can expect lots of HIIT, circuits and supersets to maximise your time with her. She’s a Kettlebell Master Trainer so you’ll definitely learn lots of new exercises from her. Boxing/MMA, etc… can also be incorporated, depending on the client’s interests. It’ll definitely be fun, but challenging, progressive as well as functional.

You wouldn't know that she…

Has been running a consultancy and event company on the side in Dubai (with a couple of partners).

Her biggest release is…

Is still and probably always will be the gym! Outdoor workouts equally though as she loves nature.

Why Andrea is the right Trainer for you?

With Andrea, you can expect varied and versatile sessions so you’ll never get bored but will certainly be challenged. Tough but fun sessions to make sure you achieve your goals no matter what! Not only does she have 15 years of experience and all the qualifications in the industry, but she’s super committed to her clients and closely works with them not only to get the results they’re after, but to help them understand the importance of a complete lifestyle change and works towards achieving total mental, emotional and physical well being for them, so that it’s not only an external transformation, but an everlasting outcome.


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