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How I become Coach Joshie - My Story

My earliest memories of my relationship with my weight start back when I was in primary school, somewhere around age 6 or 7. I was picked on by the other kids for being “bigger“. This didn’t become a true problem until I was 8 or 9 when the name-calling turned into bullying and it used to start to upset me. This did put a chip on my shoulder and I started to fight back and whilst learning to swing punches and push the other kids eventually made them stop calling me names freely… the identity of being fat and a little chubby didn’t so quickly leave my mind.

I start secondary school at aged 10.This is my fresh start and this time I am not going to be bullied, I remember the first week in school. Someone brushes past me and I instantly kick off with fighting. I didn’t realise it but mentally I was preparing myself to not be bullied for my weight or picked on for being the poor fat kid with as they put it “shit shoes and a big nose“. So I ended up becoming the bully who would awkwardly also protect the other kids from being bullied… such a strange duality.

After school, I end up dropping out of college after two years to join a Microsoft program. I’m doing an apprenticeship in a tech startup and my life is looking up. I am winning awards, wearing suits and people are asking me questions… this is a very bizarre time in my life. Anyway, so I’m 19 by this point, making good money working in IT and as a direct result. I’m getting fatter. All of my clothes are getting tighter and tighter. I always say rock bottom is your best friend - because it helps you break free from the position of being in not enough pain to change to in enough pain to change.

Joshua Uwadiae

CEO, We Gym

So I’ve just turned 20 and I am getting sick of my body but not at rock bottom yet, so January turns around and I am in the full swing of new years resolution mode. I sign up for a gym and pay for the year, hoping it’s going to motivate me and you won’t believe it... I go about 10 times in two weeks and don’t go back for the rest of the year. Safe to say that the new years resolution failed.

I only continued to eat more biscuits and order takeaways with my new salary all the whilst ignoring how my clothes felt, how my legs would chafe and my trousers split at my thighs and how my skin would break out in hives from sweat and my clothes getting tighter… Everything physically was going downhill but my work was flourishing so I could ignore it... Until I hit rock bottom.

I saw myself in a mirror at home and I felt really upset at what I saw. I asked myself is that really how I look? Chubby cheeks, out of breath and I just felt extremely unattractive and it hit me.

Fortunately, this was in December and January was right around the corner for me so I was feeling the optimism of the new year looming and I said to myself, I’m going to give this another try and I’m going to make it work. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but nearly 10 years later it looks like my new year’s resolution has stuck. The thing that made it work for me was down to one big difference.

Instead of going to the gym alone, I asked the big guy at work if I could simply go with him. I joined his gym and we started training together. Yomi was my trainer, albeit a friend he helped me do my first pull up and I won’t forget walking into the gym and not being able to do a single one.

I was a heavy guy over 100kg at the time but I just kept going and it really did start to work for me when I started making small food changes too. It all started with making one small change - inspired by a friend of mine called “big frank” he said to me - “Josh just stop drinking that liquid shit and you’ll be fine”. I stopped drinking fizzy drinks and swapped them for fruit squashes and then I swapped to water and teas and the occasional juices. Doing that whilst switching to eating home-cooked food melted the fat off me at a rate I didn’t quite realise

Within 6 months I had fallen in love with training and my confidence was through the roof, I was a new man, stronger, healthier and faster and my skin had cleared up it was incredible!

I had accountability and support and often that’s all we need to get from where we are to where we want to go.

That one change is what inspired me to become a trainer, coach and leader in the fitness industry - we have since helped over 1000 people transform their bodies and minds.

You work hard, harder than you ever thought possible when you were younger. It's challenging, stressful, and there are a lot of long nights. You get home, tired, stressed, your head hurts. All you've got time for is a quick ready meal and then you can slump down in front of the tv. Exercise is the last thing on your mind, just a guilty feeling that surfaces on weekends or first thing Monday morning.

You WANT to improve your health, you want to feel happier, healthier, and more confident. But where to start?

Here's where we come in.

WeGym will help you find your ideal training partner

At WeGym we pride ourselves with being able to match the right trainer with the right client. Making the process as smooth as possible, and removing yet another barrier that prevents people from enjoying the gym.

Our trainers are experienced in helping their clients build muscle, burn fat, and improve their health and vitality. You will experience more energy than you've had since you were a teenager. Your clothes will feel looser, you'll be more confident, and your knowledge of the gym and nutrition will increase as you go.

WeGym Makes Finding the Right PT Simple

WeGym is designed to streamline the whole process of finding the right gym and trainer, so that you can focus on training and get amazing results. We'll organise the rest! We offer:

A huge selection of top personal trainers

Superior support throughout your training experience

An incredibly simple booking system

Excellent results in good time, with sessions that are fun, effective, and properly programmed

Success Stories


"I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with WeGym. The experience has been excellent, the flexibility to arrange training sessions close to where I live and in line with my schedule has made getting fit an achievable goal."


"Since training with WeGym I have lost 20lbs and it's been the best
investment I have made in years. I spent thousands of pounds at gyms I never attended or used. Amazing experience so far and I'm excited to
keep going!"


"I’ve spent years “dieting” and exercising for the short term to try
and lose fat quickly. This doesn’t work. Training with and being
educated by Cristina has absolutely changed my life. I’ve finally
managed to make a lifestyle change and never felt better."


"The whole team has been really friendly and welcoming. Great value and I’m really glad I found WeGym to help me instead of guessing how to do it on my own!"

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